Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dance Recital Picture - Robyn Gough

Thanks Marianela for the picture! I think she looks just beautiful and I couldn't help use one of Robyn's kits to make a layout for my books. I miss her so much!

Fresh Funk Value Collection by Robyn Gough
Stitched Denim Alpha Created by Robyn Gough part of:
Club Digital June 2012 by DSP Designers
Font: Tw Cen MT

Friday, June 1, 2012

Celebrate: Celebration Mega

When I saw this kit I knew I was going to use one of Jaclyn's wedding picture but then when I saw the bubbles I knew I had to use this one. Her happiness is evident and even after almost 2 years I love seeing this couple and their joy. 

Celebration Mega by DSP Designers
Font: Arial

June Club Digital: DSP Designers

I love the beginning of the month because as Dedicated Digital Elite Team Member I get DSPs Club Digital and it is always packed with so much for the price. This month was no exception! I loved the bold colors... My layouts...

Be happy Page kit by Tina Chambers
Funkalicious Sunshine Overlays by Nicole Young
Sun-Tacular Wordart by Heidi Kuester
from DSPs June Club Digital

Antojo is Spanish for cravings.My latest craving galletas para cafe (cookies for dunkin in cofee) These are definitely Mexican and not Honduran but they did just fine.

Sunshine Day Kit by Meryl Bartho from DSPs June Club Digital
chalk: Snap On Value Collection by Nicole Young
Font: Chalkboard

I got published in Scrapstreet June Minimag

And I am thrilled... Especially because it was with my boy who just recently told me I only ever got published with Adreana (not true but somewhat!)...

And here are the links!

Ben: http://scrapstreet.com/ss12/jnjn/manly2.htm

Cupcakes: http://scrapstreet.com/ss12/jnjn/sweet2.htm