Sunday, June 23, 2013

Robyn Gough Designs: Mozart

Robyn's new kit was perfect for our children's philharmonic expedition. I wasn't sure how to use this set of pictures and when I saw this kit I knew I had a winner. 


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Have a great day Banner

We got a book out of the Library: Sneaky Art

It has been so fun to look at with my daughter and think of the possibilities of what we can do.

There are ideas for painting rocks

There are ideas for bright red spots

There are ideas for little houses and faces and so much more. Check out their website: I am thinking that we will have to buy our own copy of this fun book.

But my favorite was the idea of leaving little happy banners in sneaky places and since she is going to arts camp I thought it would be perfect for us to start there. The books said to cut out diamonds but I am not much at free cutting and the idea of making a template made me think I needed to do it on my computer which made me think I should use some Urban Wings Artography so I picked one of her cool Graphics pack. This one to be specific:

I could have easily just used her cool elements to decorate but I wanted A to participate so I just made the diamonds using the backgrounds.

After I printed and cut them, A stamped them and then we picked some cool little things to decorate. I picked the flower and the clip. A picked the buttons and the rub-on. I am thinking this would be even cuter with some striped baker's twine but the idea of the book is to use what you have to make someone smile.

We packed it in a little baggy so A can take it on Monday and place it on someone's folder or desk. She gets to pick, and shhh... its a secret! I don't know who will get it but I really do hope they will smile! The washi tape is so she can tape it to wherever she needs to. We tested and it is easily removed from the baggie.

She can't wait...

and neither can I. I think it turned out adorable and you never know A might be getting a small banner surprise in her lunch box by the end of the week. We will just have to wait and see :)!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Robyn Gough: Coffee Stains Brushes

Sometimes layouts are so easy to make and sometimes they take a while to figure out what is in your head. This was one of those. I just couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to say or do and then it hit me... I really just want a re-do... of that day, of the year, of the layout... I am so glad I can re-do the layout and God gives me enough grace for my life.
Thanks to Robyn for those coffee stains brushes that were my inspiration. I know it won't be the last time I use them.


Urban Wings Artography: Summer

It is most definitely summer and I love it! I don't especially like the heat but I love being able to spend time playing outside with the kids. I used some of Nicole's graphics for some fun summer layouts

The kit might not be bright and sunny but it  had enough pops of color that I thought it would work well with a picture of my girl looking at a ladybug "fly away home". By the way the picture was way blurry but some layers and some cool papers make any picture look good!

Definitely about summer... just not this summer. This at the end of last summer. He seems so much bigger somehow.

Summer colors and summer days. He finally got a new bike and he is loving his new ride!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Robyn Gough: ACR & Lightroom Presets

For editing my pictures, Presets and Actions have to me my favorite thing. Especially for my every day pictures. It makes them special with one click. Robyn has started selling some awesome presets and I have had the privilege of getting to try them out! Here are some of my pictures edited with them:

 Edited using fauxlomo preset from her drama collection.

Edited using Sepia from her sweet sepia collection.
 Edited using the Vintage preset from her Drama Collection. This is my favorite collection!

Robyn Gough: Templates!

I love templates. They make creating fun layouts fast. Especially when it is an event like our Awana Awards..

Urban Wings Artography: Some New Layouts

Nicole is always adding some fabulous kits to The Creative Pixel. Here are some of my layouts using them:
Using a picture from our Christmas Photo Shoot:

Using Art in the Park:

My favorite Layout of the bunch - A's love of reading:

Using: Bedtime Stories

And finally some sports pictures. I have so many that these were some much needed kits!

Using AllStar Sports II

Using All Star Sports I