Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Club Digital & Themed Set

New baby Themed set at DSP.  Need I say more!

May Club Digital at DSP. Club Digital is definitely a great thing to have.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Robyn Gough Designs: Teacher Tags

It has come to my realization that teachers really like tags with pictures on them. It doesn't matter if they are Awana, sunday school or even friends that lead book clubs. They are a great way to help them remember the kids that year. So for Christmas every year I make a picture tag for gifts.

This year however I decided to make one for End of Year events:

I used Robyn Gough Designs Divine Vintage Brushes and the background is from Shabby Amore. So easy to make. Cutting them out is what took the longest. We have had very big smiles from those who have received them.

I printed these tags on photo paper since they were so small. I think I used the wrong paper though because the ink would no set so I ended up spraying them with a  matte finish acrylic spray (since I bought a large pack of paper I will probably be doing this often!) I am also currently in love with washi tape so I used some on the bottom. I also added a ribbon and taped them to our packages. Pretty cute if you ask me.

And in case you are wondering...  This is what the file looks like before printing.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Marcee Duggar Design: Cards

I have had this ongoing want to use Marcee Duggar Designs in cards. I knew it would be simple and quick because her products are perfect for what I had in mind. So when I realized my kids would be doing their last field trip and activity with the group, I wanted to make sure to give a little something to the ladies that have poured so much energy into making a fun year happen.

I didn't have much time (I never do!) so I decided today was the day to make those cards. I used Collage Deluxe Word Art  but Marcee has tons of other products you can use. I also used Collage Blends One for the inside of the cards.

I used Publisher to make the cards because I knew all I wanted was to resize. Marcee's art is beautiful so I knew all I needed was pretty paper. I did end up using to alter some of the blends to fit better on the inside. It was so easy to do and I got it done in less than an hour. If you don't have publisher, you can probably use power point. No need for any fancy computer programs with these.

I ended up using 4 different word art stamps for the front since I knew I wanted to give them a pack of 4 cards. All I did was set up guides and place these stamps on the page.


For the inside, I had to think a little more. I knew I wanted them blank but still wanted something pretty so I took out the collage blends and added a verse to each card. In publisher you add a second page and then print double sided. Here is a sample of two of them.  The frame is from Collage Art Graphic Pack.

Like I said I used pretty paper. I used 3 different types: Kraft cardstock, peach textured cardstock  and regular beige paper. I love how they all turned out but my favorite is the peach one. I matched them with Kraft envelopes, glassine envelopes and regular cream envelopes. I was originally going to make just two sets but when they turned out so lovely I made another set to have ready for a gift.

So for today Happiness is all I am feeling.

 Oh and this is what the cute packages looked like (more on the tags later):

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Urban Wings Artography: Layouts

Adreana before and after her haircut

 I loved this kit so much I just couldn't keep it at one!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Roby Gough Designs

Lucky me! I get to work with Robyn and her amazing designs once more. I enjoy her designs so much. They always inspire me to create.
This layout is done with Cinnamon Sunday Graphics Pack which works great with heritage photos but is beautiful with just about anything. Here I am using Baby A, a good friends granddaughter. She is so beautiful.

I love Be My Valentine Graphics Pack. I had used this one before so I decided to do something different and a bit more graphic.

Urban Wings Artography: Nicole Young

I am so excited to be part of Nicole's CT! I love her work (and photography) and you have seen many layouts before with her products. They are beautiful and layouts almost create myself. You can find her stuff at The Creative Pixel.
Here are 2 new layouts. One with our cute Molly using Create Inspire Play Graphics Pack and the other with the vintage looking picture I got of Adreana recently using  So Long Ago Graphics Pack.

And an older layout using Create Inspire Play. This layout also includes word art by Tina Chambers from DSP.