Friday, February 15, 2013

Lauren Bavin - Some old kits

I have so many digital kits, it is sometimes hard to go back and use the older ones but today I did... and here are some of the results.

Flying High Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Font: Ck maternal and Letter Gothic Std
This layout was inspired by this month's spotlight, Terryl's wonderful extraction work.

A while back my son told me that he wanted to have blue eyes instead of brown. We have a lot of blue eyed, blonde friends. This is for him. I am happy to report that after seeing himself with blue eyes he told me he would rather have brown because he just doesn't look like himself. I have to agree.

Beyond Repair Add On by Lauren Bavin
Beyond Repair Kit by Lauren Bavin
A bit boyish Kit by Lauren Bavin
Fonts: CK Maternal and Traveling Typewriter

Club Digital - February 2013

Love You Forever Page Kit Created Christine Gundersen
Club Digital February 2013 by DSP Designers

Valentine's Themed Set - DSP

Here is my layout with Meryl's Love You and Me
I changed the title on the tag for the date.

Themed Set: Valentine's by DSP Designers