Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Altered Altoid: Chalk Tin

I love Altoids. Especially the peppermint ones. That means I have many empty altoid tins. many are in use. Baby teeth. Hardware bits. Toys. A had taken one and kept chalk in it. One day she came to me and told me she wanted me to make it special. She also wanted the inside to be a chalkboard. Since I had made one pretty before I knew I was going to find a digital kit to make it pretty. I also didn't want to paint the sides so I needed one that matched the pretty blue on the lid.

When A saw the rainbow chevron on Nicole's Rockabilly Graphic Pack, she was sold. It even had a chalkboard talk bubble which was absolutely perfect. I did have to get the chalk from Nicole's Snap On Graphic Pack to complete the look.

A little Modgepodge and the top was pretty. It was ready for the chalkboard on the inside.

I was just going to paint it but then I realized that it had the bumps from the lettering so I cut a piece of cardboard and painted it on both sides and slid it in. I had to play with the size so the tin would close (it catches on the lip by  where the top and bottom join) but big enough that it wouldn't keep falling or I knew she would loose it.

She has been taking it everywhere with us. She added a Kleenex as an eraser. That is on my to do: Find her a piece of sponge so that it will look nicer.

Oh and I also painted the bottom of the tin with chalkboard paint. More to make it look nice than because I expect her to use it. Love little projects like this one that come together so easily. Start to finish it took me about 30 minutes.

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